Work like a professional!

Learn how to do our jobs efficiently and reproducibly.

0) Get an OS

1.1 Working on Docker
1.2 Working on Cluster

1) Learn an editor

A. Vim

You can start from a simple version of Vim, like MacVim.
Then, you can learn vim progressively, and it will be your last text editor. There isn’t any better text editor that I know of. It is hard to learn, but incredible to use.I suggest you teach yourself Vim in 4 steps:
    Feel comfortable
    Feel Better, Stronger, Faster
    Use superpowers of vim

B. Atom

A hackable text editor for the 21st century. See how to use Atom.


Always document your project. We suggest always having a README.md file in your project DIR.

3) Backup your data regularly

It's necessary to backup data regularly.
    Here is a tutorial for data backup methods and tips: How to backup

4) Homework

    Install and use docker
    Learn and use an editor like Vim

5) Teaching Videos (link)

    Part I: 1.1 How to use Docker
    (Advanced) Part I: 1.2 How to use cluster - submit jobs to the queue
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