0) Get a OS

1.1 Work on Docker

1.2 Work on Cluster

1) Learn an Editor

Learn vim and it will be your last text editor. There isn’t any better text editor that I know of. It is hard to learn, but incredible to use.I suggest you teach yourself Vim in 4 steps:

  1. Survive

  2. Feel comfortable

  3. Feel Better, Stronger, Faster

  4. Use superpowers of vim

B. Atom -- Tutorial and Tips

A hackable text editor for the 21st century


Always document your project. We suggest to have a README.md file in your project DIR.

3) Backup your data regularly

It's necessary to backup data regularly.

More tips on 备份数据、保存中间数据 | 数据安全

4) Homework

  • 安装和使用docker

  • 学习和练习一种editor

  • 构建自己的project文件夹,写README.md, 并且学会备份这个文件夹。